R&D / Creative

We create and perfect first class conceptual designs that help our customers graphic solutions. Your graphics or ours, we take your concepts and bring them to life for your Brand!


By being vertically integrated and having many operations under one roof, we can often deliver a fully assembled product not just a piece of the puzzle.


Our R&D team and Industrial Design Engineers has the ability to develop innovative solutions for inks, textures, and finishes and integrate them with your graphic and thermoformed needs.

Digital Printing

As a technology market leader in the graphic printing sector, we aim to exceed customer expectations. No matter the application we have a solution to fit your needs. Realizing the opportunities abroad by listening to our customers needs, DALB helped pioneer and even develop some of the specialized digital printing techniques and equipment in use today. With our proprietary techniques, Digital printing offers many unique graphical solutions for our customers.

i6 can provide many types of digital printing platforms to produce your graphic requirements. Our wide range of digital printing technologies span across both large and small formats, and can be performed on various substrates creating special features and effects.

  • 3D
  • Textures
  • Foils
  • Waterproof
  • Wearables

From the beginning, i6 realized the need for a value add fulfillment services to make it easy for our customers to work with us. As a result of our ongoing commitment to value, technology and customer satisfaction, 16 has become the trusted name in batch and e-commerce order fulfillment to the sports and entertainment industries. Every day, hundreds of online ticket or promotional product companies from around the world rely on 16 for fast, accurate and dependable order fulfillment.

i6 has a range of product offerings that can be bundled, kitted, assembled and fulfilled using your online store or ours. It is as easy as us making you a personalized storefront or receiving daily, Weekly, or monthly batch files from your system.

Print on Demand

Exclusive, proprietary software custom designed by our in-house engineering team allow you to customize collate and manage ticket printing on-site

Highly Overt Security!

Print your Access Control & Working Credentials on site for the Utmost in security & cost control!

  • Counterfeit Protection
  • Counterfeit Proof 3D Lenticular Lens Available
  • Unique Number
  • Bar Code/QR Code
  • RFID Compatible for Smart Tickets
  • Eliminates Writing on the Badge or Applying a Label

  • Developed using the standard BOCA printer platform with proprietary design for our product
  • Custom templates available to work with different designs & data requirements
  • Interfaces directly with existing ticketing/point of sale systems
  • Increase your revenue
  • Capture walk-up traffic
    • Print live variable data
    • Name, seat, row, section etc.
    • Network with your existing system
    • Any agent on the network can print to a mapped printer
    • Reduces cost of overall hardware needs
    • Allows agent to print a mix of standard tickets and upgraded tickets
    • Compatible with archtics and other ticketing platforms .
  • Can be a functional ticket (barcoded)
  • Rfid capability
  • Enables users to create smart tickets -on demand
  • Perfect solution for mobile events
  • Customize individual tickets or print an entire run
  • Personalize on the spot for a unique fan connection
  • Print customized variable data
  • Great for customization
    • Access control
    • Highly Overt Security
    • Entry passes
    • Tradeshows
    • Vip passes
    • Credentials
    • Counterfeit protection
    • Season tickets
  • On-demand-software can be specifically designed for your event